DotGo – Paris Conference

The city of Paris, by itself, have enough reasons to deserve an exclusive trip.

As i love programming and everything that is related with technology, in my last visit to this amazing city, i decided include an DotConference to my itinerary.

For that who not know the “Dot” conferences, worth commenting that they are a diference kind of the usual conference and for my taste much more pleasant.

In the DotConferences, there isn’t lectures in parallel, it is one unique timeline with speakers of first line, focused in a specific subject.

I made part in the DotGO “The European Go conference” turned to Goland software developers, my favorite computer language, that certainly will deserve an specific post about her.

The local of the conference was in Théâtre des Variétés, a theater that is true spectacle, starting with the local of the coffee break that remember an a room of a royal place.

Beyond of the greatest lectures, what call my attention was the openness and the integration of the speakers with the public, they circulated the room and talked with everybody during the intervals.

In this last picture, i pick up the moment that i was talking to Andrew Gerrand (, speaker and member of the google team who develop go.


Andrey Andrade